Il Queen Lucretia e il suo equipaggio

I  imagined a merchant ship, a battered old freighter, which sails the seas engaged in various trades, not always legal. It has repeatedly changed its name and property, now is called Queen Lucretia, a seductive name for this rusty tub. I then began to imagine his crew, not yet complete: people embarked in all the ports of the world, speaking different languages or, perhaps, not speaking at all. They are the subject of the portraits, on the background of the sea and the sky. There are the captain, some officers, the cook, numerous sailors. Also a clandestine is hiding on board. Finally there is the shipowner, depicted in his office, with photos of the family, the dog (a pit bull) and the ship, source of his earnings. Moreover, there are some people interested in traffics, an American businessman, a Chinese merchant, and a girl who works in a club, in a harbor where frequently the Queen Lucretia makes a stopover.


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